Increase efficiency
and productivity

Our solutions are adapted to your reality and will allow you to bring productivity to the next level and maintain your competitive edge

Our services
are aimed at you

We offer local services focused on your needs. We commit to a long term and close relationship aiming at the optimization of your production and human capital.

Our team works alongside yours to identify the different automation opportunities.  We evaluate together your production challenges and propose a solution best adapted to your reality.


We will direct our propositions according to your level of automation and the level of comfort your team is familiarized with technologies. We will help you calculate the ROI to assure the profitability of the project and, if there is a risk, we can address it by providing a proof of concept.  All these efforts are made to maximize the success of your project and in the achievement of your business goals.


Capitalize on our expertise in providing you with innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced.  Passion pushes back our limits and encourages us to be creative.  Our team remains at the forefront of technological developments, from which your business can only benefit from. We are committed to a close and long-term relationship so we can rapidly address your production issues and assure that the equipment we deliver will be used to its full potential.  Our systems are reconfigurable and reprogrammable if your reality changes.


Consequently, Robotech Automation helps you increase your productivity, gaining greater control on your costs and your team’s effectiveness. This relationship of trust gives you an undeniable advantage and can help you stand out.


Improve quality and control your process

Automation allows you to increase the quality of your products and to better control your process. 


The quality of your products is as important to us as it is to you.  Do you sometimes feel a lack of visibility on your production?


Automation allows better control of your process and a constancy in the execution of tasks.  Our systems are sturdy, precise and repeatable. They are designed with the best components and can be adapted to the changing conditions of your environment through automatic calibrations and input compensation. All our machines provide data that can be used to improve their performance.


Therefore benefiting on production stability and reducing the risk of human error. Having better control of your process, and access to the data, allows you to focus the efforts on the real priorities in your continuous improvement ambitions.


It has a direct impact on your relationship with your customers.  You improve your rejection rate and the products delivered comply with their requirements.

Innovation is a sign of growth

79 % of innovative companies saw their revenues increased by at least 5%
(Deloitte, « L’avenir appartient aux plus audacieux : Le Canada a besoin de plus de courage », 2018)






Reduce your reliance on labour

Our machines are easy to use, ergonomic and help optimize your workforce.


In the context of labour shortage, turning to automation allows you to increase your production capacity.  Our machines can function with a minimum of human intervention and, thus, for many hours continuously. Using our equipment remains simple even though your tasks might be complex.


Thus, you reduce your labour requirements, and you can allocate your human capital to value-added tasks. You gain more flexibility since operating your machines require less qualifications. You reduce the risk of accidents, the development of chronic illnesses and musculoskeletal disorders.  The work conditions of your employees are improved as the dangerous tasks are automated.


Finally, in automating the redundant tasks, that are lease interesting to your employees, you increase their motivation and mobilization.

Labour shortages are a concern

The unemployment rate will steadily decline to 5,6 in 2024, the lowest rate since 1968.
(IMT, « Le marché du travail et l’emploi par industrie au Québec », 2016)


Year when the unemployment rate will
be at its lowest since 1968


a steadily decline in the unemployment
rate in 2024


Push the boundaries of your R&D team
& increase the skills of your key employees


We can assist you in solving complex problems and we can train your employees. 


We also offer a personalized service to your technical team and your R&D centers. Thus, our precision robotics experts can help you develop very specific complex algorithms.  We can assist you in validating certain concepts and train your teams in using and programming the robots.


Our approach is discreet and confidential. We will protect your intellectual property and ensure that you have a competitive advantage.  A good partnership will enable you to increase your employees’ skills and therefore help you to distinguish yourself.

Your competitors are interested in robotics

There were 3 times more advanced manufacturing projects in Quebec in 2019 than in 2013
(REAI, la fabrication de pointe au Québec, 2019)


more advanced manufacturing
projects in Quebec


registered 3x more projects than in 2013

Our systems

Advanced and innovative technologies
Flexible and reconfigurable
Accurate and repeatable
Simple to use
Easy to reprogram/maintain

Our Team

Field Expertise
Diversified team
Excellent know-how

Our approach

Customer centric
Partner network
Long-term relationships