Industrial Vision & Robotics


Industrial Vision & Robotics

Our robotics and industrial vision experts innovate by offering you technological solutions aligned with your performance requirements.   

Our offer:

  • Understanding and analyzing your business and production goals
  • Proposing and developing an adapted solution
  • Comprehensive solutions such as;
  • Conventional robots : fast & precise
  • Collaborative robots: Working with your operators
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMR): moves your products
  • Detection: Adapt the method depending on the product, the position and shape
  • Inspection: Qualify the products by their condition and dimension
  • Compliance certification under current standards
  • Supporting the cell and ensure its’ performances
  • Training

Your benefits :

  • Increased production, quality and precision
  • Decreased costs, better profitability, and competitiveness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved occupational health and safety